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And if no one came forward to claim the ring, he could probably sell it. Either way, it was money in his pocket! Jack stuffed the ring into the pouch 7 at his waist. He glanced at the pier just in time to see the crowd break apart. Two workers were coming through, carrying a body on a stretcher. Then Jack saw Margo Cole starting to work the crowd.

This was her trademark.

No matter what story she covered, Margo liked to get some local feedback. Jack turned his attention back to the sand. Or a watch. Or— He kept on working his way down the beach. Then all of a sudden, Jack had the weird feeling he was being watched. He looked up. Margo Cole and her cameraman were standing just a few feet away. As 8 Jack slipped off his headphones, Margo put out her hand.

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He introduced himself. Then he gestured toward the pier. A couple of fishermen found it. Do they know who it was? Margo nodded. Greene Towers? Greene Plaza? Could have been an accident. But 9 Greene had more than a few enemies. I saw you pick something up. Would you let me do a feature story on you and what you found in the sand? The word came out in a high squeak. Jack felt his face turning red. Margo laughed. Developers, movie stars, and politicians always get a lot of press.

But I find that ordinary 10 people are usually more interesting. Margo took the ring and examined it. This looks like the real thing. I think our viewers would love to know more. So, how about it? Can I do that story? Margo put him at ease with her questions and comments. While he talked, he held up the ring for the camera. Viewers can reach me at the Second Chance Store. If you tell me the correct date, the ring is yours. Our viewers are crazy about happy endings. The store was located in a shabby part of town just two blocks from the beach.

The owner paid Jack a small salary to 12 run the shop.

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And he let Jack live in a small apartment at the rear. It was a great arrangement. Jack was on a first-name basis with most of his customers—college students, poor families, and the elderly. Two nights a week he took classes at the local community college. One night a week he attended a martial arts class. On his days off, Jack hung out at the beach with his metal detector.

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Jack told himself he was content with how things were going. None of the people in the neighborhood asked him embarrassing questions. That meant a lot.

After Jack said goodbye to Margo Cole, he went home. Since it was his day off, the store was closed, but Jack had other chores.

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While he ran some loads of laundry and cleaned the apartment, 13 he thought about his morning at the beach. Margo said his story would be on the evening news. That made Jack both excited and nervous. Margo had warned him that he might get a lot of crank calls about the ring. He had to keep track of the time.

His martial arts class started at —and to get there, he had to catch a bus to the community center. Jack whistled. So Greene had been murdered! Toward the end of the program, Margo was back with her story about Jack. He gazed at the screen. It felt so strange to see himself on tape. At the 14 end of the story, the phone number of the Second Chance Store appeared on the screen.

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A minute later, the phone rang! Jack took several calls from people asking about the ring. But none of them knew the date etched inside the band. Finally, Jack just let the answering machine pick up his calls. He had to get to his martial arts class. When he reached the community center, several of his friends came up to talk to him.

Jack felt like a celebrity. Then out of the blue, he spotted a familiar face. The young woman turned to him. Then Jack introduced himself. So what are you doing here? Jack knew what was on her mind. He sighed. Better get it over with.

Sara looked even more uncomfortable. Jack knew it was up to 16 him to put her at ease again. Jack and Sara were fairly equally matched. Before they knew it, the class had ended. Really good! That was a great workout. Sara offered to give him a ride home. Sara smiled. Jack could hardly believe his good luck. Other editions.

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