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Apr 30, Namratha rated it did not like it Shelves: sci-fi , mystery , thrillers , adventure. Oh, Mr. And also, into a closet tourist guide - a tourist guide who will bore the sweaty and itchy tourists into a rigid stupor as he drones on, ad nauseum , about every gilt-edged pillar and every conspiracy-ridden niche that the museums of Italy seem to be overflowing with. And might I add that the plot was non-existent. And still, no plot. I am getting a tad snitty and mighty snotty now, Mr.

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Take it from here, Miss. I remind myself that Dan Brown is an articulate man with a brilliant mind. But a description of Gondolas? Which, for the record, wasn't essential to the plot. It exists!

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But wait, I spoke too soon. What you saw and read and believed is NOT what you saw and read and believed. Yes, big shock there, Prof. On a parallel but seemingly wholly unrelated note, is the plot progressing? No sir.

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Not at all. Stop it, Mr. Stop it. I want to stop.

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I must finish it. I must. I will see the promised land. Deep in my heart, having emerged from INFERNO with my wallet lighter, my head throbbing and my spirit chafed, I only have to say this: To summarize, I broke my rule of writing scathing reviews because: a An interesting premise could have avoided a long and messy demise, had the book been pages long. Not agonizing, brain-numbing pages long.

Langdon is facing what could probably be the biggest catastrophe of his life.

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And his reactions? Dry chuckles.

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Startled asides. The occasional uppity smirk. Kristen Stewart. YOU have more expressions than Robert Langdon. And really, were her actions justified? I think not. Langdon, stop acting all noble and understanding. You just want to, excuse the crudeness , get into her pants. View all 36 comments. May 12, Jason rated it liked it.

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To all the folks who rate a book before they've read it, skewing the ratings for everyone Leave our ratings alone. View all 4 comments. It's been on my to-read list for ages, so is The Lost Symbol still. Now that the film will be released soon, I needed to get a grip and read it. And I, too, decided to skip Book 3 and move straight on to this one.

My expectations are fulfilled. Mysteries, art, intruige, a race against time. But since I last read a Dan Brown novel a few years have passed and I've read lots of amazing books. I'm not as easily impressed as I was then. I have some points that I want to talk about, things that bugged me in the novel. Lacking character-depth and stereotypes.

She is supposed to be one of the smartest people alive, IQ-wise. But apart from the fact that - mild spoiler - she is a scientist and had a difficult childhood because of her high intelligence, the is no trace of said IQ. Dan Brown is no expert when it comes to writing women. Overused plot line. It's a story that made millions of dollars for Dan Brown, so of course he would be stupid not to try it again and again. I, however, got tired of it after the first pages. The riddles and Inferno -references were no doubt very intruiging, but also immensely repetitive.

With all due respect to Dante, why didn't he just go to hell - pun intended. But what did I expect when I decided to read a book called Inferno, really. You're so hot!

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Hope the film will be better though the trailer destroyed my hopes already. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 11 comments. May 15, Connie rated it did not like it Shelves: 0reviewed , musings , kindle-purchased , can-t-finish. Making this as read just so I can do a stupid review I just can't finish it In addition to his being handsome, he seemed to possess a sincerely good heart.

In some distant, alternate life, Robert Langdon might even be someone she could be with. I mean, this isn't even an original love twist I'm over it So far Langdon has escaped several assassination attempts. He has managed to escape several times from places that were inescapable.

So we're suppose to believe he is insanely clever, right? When he meets up with a lady he met the night before he has short term amnesia If you're trying to act like you don't have amnesia, don't question every thing she tells you from the night before, moron!

I just can't take it anymore I honestly feel that Brown has just totally sold himself out here He has not only recycled generic writing themes, he has used boring, unimaginative ones to boot! Where the hell is Robert Langdon? I just can't picture him. There is no clear picture of him or his personality. How dare Dan Brown assume that everyone has read the previous books. As an author I would think that you can never assume that your reading audience has read your other books. This might be the very first time they have picked up one of your novels.