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When you hear the crowd shouting that is when the protesters came on to the jump course and ran through the jumps. Video courtesy of Horsetelex. They ran around the jumps and one young woman ran right in front of the combination of jumps that the horse and rider were heading toward.

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The most miraculous thing was that the horse and rider just rode on as if none of this was happening. What does this mean?

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Who are these protesters? They should never have to work for humans. Here is what I think about that. I felt it was important to write about this incident even though I realilze it is giving more exposure to these thoughtless protesters. I would like to suggest to them that if they want to help underprivileged equines they should support The Brooke.

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This organization helps working animals, in the developing world, who are suffereing because of ignorance or desperation. The protestors should put their energy there and do some actual good for horses. Anne, I learned a lot through this post.


I never knew that horse actually enjoy doing jumping, racing etc. I was always under the wrong impression that they do all this under pressure. Glad to hear that they actually like it! Like Liked by 1 person. Horses that do not like what they are asked to do will misbehave and if they are beaten into submission they shut down and do not perform well.

So horses who are successful do like their jobs. Thanks for commenting. I once knew a beautiful black horse named Stormy. She could do English or Western, but her favorite was obvious: Western Pleasure!

Misplaced horse

This was an insane, ignorant protest by people who likely never been round horses in real life. Good thing no-one was injured. Anyhow, I was so proud of the talents of both horse and rider who proceeded as if nothing odd was going on during their fabulous ride over these super challenging jumps. A true partnership. Like Liked by 2 people.

Like Like. Informative, thanks for writing your thoughts here, as I also feel the same towards these animal lovers. I am also vegetarian guess everywhere they behave the same. Very few well-trained horses if any at all are finished by sloppy riders. Good horsemanship is effective horsemanship, whether the rider is in an English saddle clearing a four-and-a-half-foot fence or on a stock saddle putting his horse through an intricate reining pattern. Many people, after learning what a good riding position looks like and then attempting, with varying degrees of success, to duplicate it on a horse, are overwhelmed by the physical effort required to really sit properly on a horse.

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One of the first principles a new rider must learn is to disassociate one part of his body from another. The seat and legs must perform a twofold job. They are not only a major source of the cues or aids used in riding but they must also perform the important function of keeping the rider on the horse. In the preliminary stages of riding, most people are content to let their seat and legs perform only the latter task. What is a good functional position for the seat and legs while riding a horse?

Our center of gravity should be directly over his, if possible, and it should stay there, unless deliberately changed to elicit a particular response from the horse. In order to sit deeply in a saddle, the rider should place his weight as directly as possible over his pelvic bones, not allowing his buttocks to provide the soft cushion which seems so desirable. He should sit as far forward toward the pommel of the saddle as possible and allow his legs to hang freely, with the inside of his thighs rather than the back of his thighs against the saddle.

If a rider has the opportunity to ride in several styles of saddles English or Western , he quickly discovers that certain saddles greatly aid him in attaining this balanced seat, while others make him work overtime simply to maintain a correct position.

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Once the seat is secured correctly and the legs are hanging with the inside of the thigh resting against the saddle flap or fender, the next consideration is the position of the lower leg and the proper length of the stirrups. Ideally, the lower leg should rest comfortably against the sides of the horse and the knee should be bent only enough to rest the ball of the foot on the stirrup. Proper stirrup length can be determined by allowing the leg to hang naturally and then adjusting the stirrups until they hit just at or slightly below the ankle joint.

A rider wanting to practice dressage or cutting cattle is more concerned with control and security and wants a longer stirrup to achieve a deeper seat. Once the seat and lower leg positions are mastered the next step is to align the upper body. The body should be carried erect but in a relaxed manner. Care should be taken to keep the lower back straight, not allowing it to round over.

The disturbing spectacle of a dead horse

This usually happens when a rider becomes lazy and settles on his comfortable posterior instead of sitting on his seat bones. Controlled relaxation is the goal that should be acheived in positioning the upper body. At the same time, an overly relaxed rider is a sloppy one who sacrifices effectiveness in horsemanship for his own comfort. The final elements in achieving a functional riding position are the arms and hands.

Good hands are usually the last riding attributes that a horseman develops, simply because the rider must have a totally secure and independent seat, leg and upper body position before he can hope to use his hands meaningfully to transmit aids and reassurances to his horse. Now that we have a basic idea of what a balanced rider looks like, we must see why this position is used when training a horse. We need to have even more evidence of the value of this basic position for functional training. When we watch a young horse or any horse, for that matter running and playing in a pasture we marvel at the speed, agility, strength, and balance of such a large animal.

OR Walk the rest of the way to my destination. OR Fast Travel to the nearest available location which may not really be so near and start my trip over again with my horse, who's then magically teleported nearby. Two much more ideal options would be: Whistle for my horse to come to me. Must be within a certain range of the horse. OR Add a horse tracker to my compass. Iszi Iszi 9, 56 56 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Don't really have answer except to suggest that when you are travel, try to 'discover' places along the way. New places show up on your compass even if they are not discovered on the world map.

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  7. Fast travel to any of these nearby locations and your horse should show up next to you unless its dead. Rather than fast travel to a far location, go to whichever icon is the least greyed out on your compass -- that's the closest location. He's free. You can never really lose him. He never really dies. I also got my horse to disappear on me What I did: saved game; loaded previous game where horse was there; activated console and found out its ref-id by clicking on it; loaded latest game; typed in console: player. It was in Kynesgrove wtf?! Jupotter 6, 7 7 gold badges 42 42 silver badges 75 75 bronze badges.

    He doesn't have a horse summoner but here is a way to find your horse: if play in on Xbox, press the select button and choose the amount of time you would like to wait. If all else fails walk by foot you lazy ass! Private Pansy Gabby Gabby 21 1 1 bronze badge. Heather Heather 1. Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: How do we handle problem users? Let's test out the Modded Minecraft Tech Support close reason. Linked 4. Related